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If you are looking for a park model to rent or buy make sure you are familiar with all the park model and RV park options.

What is this Snowbird RV Site all about?

We have a RV Park and Mobile Home Retirement Community advertisers that are seeking someone exactly like you to come & not only 'stay with them' but know you are coming to LIVE FOR MONTHS in their RV Parks, Campgrounds & Warm Scenic communities.

We are focusing on providing useful information and links that will be of value for:

1. Returning Snowbirds who have already visited & maybe spent some time in a park and now want to find a property in a resort community to rent or buy.

2. 1st-Time Snowbirds, just checking out the southern winter experience for the first time & maybe have never been down.

3. Those with a property, park model trailer, 5th wheel or rv for rent or sale in a park.

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This site is not affiliated with any park, community, or any other organization. Any ads you see on the site are placed by and are the responsibility of the advertising business or individual. RV ads are placed by the owners of the park model or their licensed representative. Any and all contact should be made directly with the advertiser.

Whats in our Name?

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Some refer to RV parks as Retirement Trailer Parks, or Snowbird Mobile Home Parks, Seniors Parks, Mobile Home Retirement Communities, or 55+ Trailer Parks. The name we've seen used by most of the parks is RV Resort Parks. And some are true 'resorts' such as Johny's Lakeside RV Resort on the Alabama Coast, who has been a sponsor at several of our annual Snowbird Fest events!

RV Parks & Mobile Home Retirement Communities offer both short-term stays for RVs (i.e. motorhomes or other trailers) but are really quite different than those 'RV' parks dedicated to visitors mostly 'traveling through', and many cater to park model style trailers that are almost permanent.